Fashion Fuse 7 party in Tokyo: photos

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Alastair Himmer talks about his Fashion Fuse party in Tokyo Dec. 14:

—Could you tell us what to expect from the upcoming party?

We’ve had Lamborghini and Jaguar sponsor Tokyo Fashion Fuse in the past, as well as Ducati. But to collaborate with Aston Martin – in their 100th year – is a dream come true for a British guy who grew up wanting to be James Bond! We will have two Aston Martin cars by the runway for Tokyo Fashion Fuse 7, including the 007 series DB9. There will also be three amazing fashion shows, including Dresscamp – one of the most flamboyant brands in the world of fashion. We even have celebrity Sumire, the daughter of Japanese actor Junichi Ishida, as a special guest model and as always an awesome line-up of DJ’s. Japan’s techno king Ken Ishii headlines this time and will be filmed for an official documentary celebrating his 20th year in the business – which fits nicely with Aston’s centennial celebrations.

—How did you get started in this business, and tell us more about the origin of Street Level?

Street Level was conceived misbehaving in candlelight in cafes in Daikanyama in 2009. The first Tokyo Fashion Fuse was a collaboration with eight Miss Universe Japan finalists and we had people queuing outside in the snow. We figured we needed a bigger venue.

–What are the challenges of doing this type of business in Japan?

Don’t get me started! I’d like to say stopping models throwing hairdryers at each other backstage but they’re angels. Most of the problems are logistic. Putting creative ideas into production to give sponsors a great return on investment without risking bankruptcy is always a fun challenge!

–What’s it like hanging out with DJ Ken Ishii and other big names in the world of music and fashion?

Well it’s more business than pure ‘hanging out’ but it’s a pure joy to work with someone like Ken Ishii. We have fun talking when we meet and he’s one of the most down-to-earth people I’ve met. And the models we have are all absolute treasures.

That’s obviously the fun part. When things come together and there’s a nice mix of relief and fatigue and a buzz backstage at having seen thousands of people have a great time.

–What can we expect in 2014?

Me taking a holiday. That’s first.


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