Rupa Marya and the April Fishes at Palace of Arts in Budapest

more photos by Christopher Johnson at

Rupa Marya quoted between songs at Palace of Arts in Budapest:


–I’m trying to encourage singing and drinking. So please sing along…


–when you’re a woman in your thirties, it’s important to realize what’s love and what’s not love


–we the people of the world, in order to form a perfect union, to establish justice and ensure tranquility, to secure the blessings of liberation, we occupy, we still occupy, we have to occupy, we occupy


–we are invisible and we grow like weeds 


–When you wanted to go on a Holy Crusade, you gave them your money. You traveled all the way to Jerusalem. Then you withdrew your money from there. The Knights of … had to take an oath of poverty. So they could manage wealth but never own it. I think this might be a good idea to revisit.


–an average musician makes as much money from their CD from a label as a coffee farmer in Ethiopia makes from a cup of coffee. So if you spend 3 Euros here, they see 3 cents. So if we do it independently, we’re hoping for more fair trade. 


–when you trace your line back far enough, we all came from Africa. We all came from the same place, we are all going to the same place. 





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